Pilates for Golf

Pilates for Golf Westlake

See what both amateur and professional golfers are saying about Pilates.

Pilates for Tennis

Pilates for Tennis Westlake

Improve your tennis game and prevent injuries such as tennis elbow with Pilates.

Pilates for Guys

Pilates is for guys too

Joe developed Pilates for men. Take our Guy's Quiz to see if Pilates is right for you.


About Pilates

Strengthen your core front and back.
Balance strength and flexibility.
Retrain your body to move more efficiently.
Improve your posture, breathing and concentration.

About Joe & Clara

Widest array of Pilates equipment in the Conejo Valley.
Small class size feels more like working out with a group of friends.
Exceptional service and instruction.
Spacious and state-of-the-art facility.
Four workout studios including Cardio Studio.


Special Invitation. Complimentary Orientation every Monday at 11:00am. RSVP 805.496.2929

Welcome to Joe & Clara - Watch the Movie Now

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Joseph Hubertus Pilates was the man behind the method he originally called 'Contrology.' Born in Germany in the 1880's, Joe met his future wife, Clara, on a ship to America. She became his teaching partner and together they opened the first Pilates studio in Manhattan.

It was in tribute to them that JOE & CLARA, Pilates Inspired Health Club, was conceived but its design, programs and schedule are a tribute to you. Today's lifestyle requires a healthy routine that is both flexible and diverse.

We celebrate the time tested technique of Classical Pilates combined with updated applications to modern day fitness workouts. The result is a fusion of both past and present in one convenient location keeping you motivated month after month and turning a fitness goal into a lifelong passion.