Pilates for Golf

As the Pilates Method has become more accessible and mainstream, various sports from baseball to cycling have openly praised its results. Today, in the world of Golf, Pilates has made an impact in training and conditioning. It has become the "secret weapon" for recreational and professional players alike.

What can Pilates do for my game?

Pilates for GolfWhile Golf may be considered a relatively slow-paced sport the repetitive stroke action it requires can overwork the back, arms and shoulders. In some instances this can also lead to injury.

The perfect swing requires a combination of precision, power and mobility as well as correct posture and stance. The combined impact of these factors is often overlooked by many golfers who continue to focus on technique without improving overall body mechanics. If you are golfing regularly adding a Pilates session even once a week will dramatically improve your game and help prevent any strain-related injuries.

Pilates can help you get more yards with lower handicaps by:

How many sessions does it take to see improvement in my game?

Joseph Pilates famously said, "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body." While this isn't set in stone, it is a good barometer to follow.

Pilates for GolfThink back to the first time you held a club and how many times it took for you to feel in control of your stroke or the ball. Every person is individual when it comes to developing certain skills so the same is true of Pilates. Just like anything else, there is no "magic bullet" or in this case a "magic exercise" that will instantly improve your game. Classical Pilates is taught in such a way that skills are layered on gradually so that the conscious practice eventually become subconscious. As new skills are mastered, more skills are introduced while others are simultaneously refined.

In general, follow Joe's rule and give yourself at least ten (hour long) private sessions. If you are new to Pilates it is suggested to begin with no fewer than twice a week for the first month.

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See what everybody is saying...

Steve Golf

"For the record I'm very impressed with Joe & Clara. As a PGA professional I am very aware of the benefits of Pilates so I wanted to try it for myself. My instructor was immediately able to recognize my injuries and imbalances which in turn helped address my sports specific needs.

After three lessons I noticed a subtle change. When I was waiting in line I could feel myself standing taller. Even if only for a few minutes that was a huge breakthrough for someone like me who spends so much time teaching and practicing my sport which has caused years of wear and tear.

After only four lessons I noticed an even bigger change. I measured my club head speed and discovered it had increased it by 2 MPH!

I'm looking forward to continued improvement through Pilates."

Steve Holmes, Simi Valley
Golf Professional

"I started Pilates in 2009 when I lived at Hilton Head, SC. I had heard about Pilates and read a bit, but I had no friends that had ever tried it. Despite the fact that it was started by Joseph Pilates, it seems to have attracted a much higher percentage of females than males. I knew I needed to do something different than I had been doing at the gym, with the usual treadmill and weight systems. My cardiovascular health was good, my strength was reasonable, and I felt healthy, but I could sense I was stiffening up and losing flexibility. I also viewed the gym process of doing many reps to the point of exhaustion as a very boring way to exercise. I knew that my reducing flexibility was a normal part of the aging process (I was 63 at the time), but I wanted to do something about it.

I signed up at a studio with a former ballet dancer and a lady that was formerly with Cirque du Soleil. They opened my eyes about what I could do with my flexibility and core strength. It didn't hurt that at the second lesson, the person next to me was Mark Messier, the Hall of Fame hockey player.

Over the past five years I have taken private Pilates session once or twice a week (with an occasional one to two month interruption due to my travel schedule). My conditioning improved significantly within the first couple months and I have been able to maintain it at JOE & CLARA for the past three years.

My measurement of the success of this program is that I can hit a golf ball farther than most anyone within ten years of my age. I receive frequent comments about the quality and speed of my rotation. I played in a golf tournament against men easily 20 years my junior, some of which were very good athletes. I was playing so well, they jokingly accused me of using performance enhancing drugs. I told them it wasn't doping, it was Pilates.

Pilates has now become a very enjoyable part of my life. I look forward to the one hour sessions twice a week that always make me feel better about how I'm taking care of myself. While it doesn't prevent aging, I think of it as a positive way to improve the quality of life as we age." Bill P., 69, Thousand Oaks

"Since I started Pilates, I've noticed that there's a carryover to my golf game. I'm doing a better job of anchoring my lower body to the ground when I get ready to swing. I feel like I have a much more solid framework with which to hit the ball with my legs over my hips and my upper body attached and anchored to by my lower body. I'm able to hit the ball a little farther and with more accuracy. Pilates has definitely made a difference in my game."

- Tim C., Thousand Oaks

"Pilates has really helped me to properly ground through my feet and correct the alignment of my knocked knees so I can create a solid foundation from which to move. I am hitting more accurately and with more power and ease than ever before."

- Kevin B., Thousand Oaks

"Thank you Joe & Clara Pilates! My health has improved from training with you guys! And of course the breathing!"
- Danielle Kang, LPGA Tour Player
Two-time U.S. Women's Amateur Champion

Danielle Kang, LPGA Golf Professional