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If you look forward to coming here and you're having a healthy workout that is fun and leaves you feeling reenergized then we're very happy. If you're also left feeling inspired to tell your friends about JOE & CLARA then we're ecstatic.

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Hillary P.

"Joe & Clara has helped me so much! I had been having neck and lower back pain for a while, which was worsening and making me very uncomfortable. As a psychotherapist who sits long portions of the day I wasn't moving and my posture was causing me to be stiff. I was really shocked when I had a check-up and I measured a half inch less than my usual 5'3". I have not been someone who has had to worry too much about weight and I enjoy exercising but my body hurt! I started taking classes but quickly realized I needed the individual attention of privates to help me get the most out of my time at the club. With in depth instruction, I was able to learn about my own body and about what muscles I needed to actively engage in order to support proper alignment and strengthen my weak areas. Having the private attention has helped me get the most out of my classes, and I am not in pain anymore. :) And..last doctor appointment, I am actually 5'3" again!"

Hilary P., Westlake Village
Psy.D., M.F.T. Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Kim S.

"I have been attending classes at Joe & Clara for four and a half months. Private training, as well as classes, have been part of my regime and have led to amazing results. Up to this point, I had taken on more aggressive forms of exercise which invariably led to injury. I was really looking for something I could do that would make my body strong, and actually prevent injury. I would recommend Pilates to anyone, any age, as a way to get strong and flexible. Romina is so knowledgeable and a wonderful trainer. It's been life-changing to work with her and all of the wonderful instructors at the studio. Given that my back and sciatic issues have so greatly improved, I can honestly say that I will stay with Pilates for the rest of my life."

Kim S., Thousand Oaks
Steve Golf

"For the record I'm very impressed with Joe & Clara. As a PGA professional I am very aware of the benefits of Pilates so I wanted to try it for myself. My instructor was immediately able to recognize my injuries and imbalances which in turn helped address my sports specific needs.

After three lessons I noticed a subtle change. When I was waiting in line I could feel myself standing taller. Even if only for a few minutes that was a huge breakthrough for someone like me who spends so much time teaching and practicing my sport which has caused years of wear and tear.

After only four lessons I noticed an even bigger change. I measured my club head speed and discovered it had increased it by 2 MPH!

I'm looking forward to continued improvement through Pilates."

Steve Holmes, Simi Valley
Golf Professional

Jamie"I first started coming to JOE & CLARA a few months after the birth of my second child. I was looking for a place close to my work where I could do some cardio or get a workout in during lunch. It’s three years later and I’m very happy with my results.

With the variety of classes and access to cardio, I am able to maintain a consistent routine that keeps me strong, maintains my weight and keeps my joints healthy. I now have the core strength to maintain good posture throughout the workday, my back pain is gone and even though I’m in my late 30’s I have gained half an inch in height!"

Jamie C., Agoura Hills

"I started Pilates in 2013 after having maintained a weight training program for the past 40 years. I noticed that I was losing my dexterity and balance. I like to hunt and play golf and could tell, especially during hunting, that I was feeling unstable and losing my agility while getting in and out of the boats and walking on different terrain. Since I am carrying a loaded rifle while doing this I began to feel unsafe. On the golf course my swing had shortened up and my ability to make a full turn and maintain my balance was gone.

Since starting Pilates everything has gotten better. My balance, agility, as well as my breathing and posture has significantly improved. I don't believe you can stop the aging process, but I do believe you can slow it down and enjoy the things you like to do long into your so called 'golden years'.

I look forward to the workouts especially the benefits I have received from them. The self-confidence in the activities I do makes me feel as comfortable as I did when I was in my 40's. I've received compliments from my peers on my improvements, and of course, that makes the effort more enjoyable." Richard D., 72, Westlake Village

"I am a 53 year old woman on a journey to be fit and healthy. In listening to others in my life, I really do believe that this is what most of us are intrinsically striving for. Like many women I know, I seemed to be on a constant search for that "one thing" that would be the all encompassing solution for the issues of weight gain, time limitations, high stress and physical constraints, including the hormonal struggles that presented themselves in my 40's … or did this even exist?

I had heard of Pilates but it seemed a bit obscure. Five years ago, I was able to take advantage of a Pilates special offer and was pleasantly surprised. I had finally found something that I could do three times a week which incorporated my mind and body and which allowed me to easily modify certain exercises until I became stronger and leaner and my fitness level improved. I have been at JOE & CLARA since it opened its doors three years ago. My journey here has turned into a passion for this classical methodology.

The changes in my health have been amazing. I have been able to accomplish my original goal of losing 50 pounds and now it has become much more than simply a number on a scale. I have a ongoing and noticeable improvements to my strength, endurance, muscle tone and agility. It is actually a very empowering feeling to know that I have been able to transform my body and my life into being that fit and healthy woman that I was aspiring to be. So yes, the answer to that constant search of mine does exist.

The best part of it all is that this journey continues. There is always more to learn and challenge myself with Pilates. I'm inspired to take what I have learned and transfer it into other aspects of my life. My friends, family and co-workers see the change in me and ask me what I am doing and I think that is the ultimate compliment to me and to JOE & CLARA Pilates Inspired Health Club.

This is how you do it! I have taken Pilates at other studios and nothing compares to JOE & CLARA. The spa-like environment is a joy to come to. You would be hard-pressed to find a more genuine, caring and knowledgable staff who truly believe in their students and are so dedicated to their total health and well-being. The proof is in the pudding though...in 6 months I lost 35lbs! And everyday I notice how much stronger I am despite suffering from fibromyalgia, menopause and back issues. I could go on and on...but instead I would encourage you to come and check it out for yourself. I am confident you will love it as much as I do."

Marie D., 53, Newbury Park

"I started Pilates in 2009 when I lived at Hilton Head, SC. I had heard about Pilates and read a bit, but I had no friends that had ever tried it. Despite the fact that it was started by Joseph Pilates, it seems to have attracted a much higher percentage of females than males. I knew I needed to do something different than I had been doing at the gym, with the usual treadmill and weight systems. My cardiovascular health was good, my strength was reasonable, and I felt healthy, but I could sense I was stiffening up and losing flexibility. I also viewed the gym process of doing many reps to the point of exhaustion as a very boring way to exercise. I knew that my reducing flexibility was a normal part of the aging process (I was 63 at the time), but I wanted to do something about it.

I signed up at a studio with a former ballet dancer and a lady that was formerly with Cirque du Soleil. They opened my eyes about what I could do with my flexibility and core strength. It didn't hurt that at the second lesson, the person next to me was Mark Messier, the Hall of Fame hockey player.

Over the past five years I have taken private Pilates session once or twice a week (with an occasional one to two month interruption due to my travel schedule). My conditioning improved significantly within the first couple months and I have been able to maintain it at JOE & CLARA for the past three years.

My measurement of the success of this program is that I can hit a golf ball farther than most anyone within ten years of my age. I receive frequent comments about the quality and speed of my rotation. I played in a golf tournament against men easily 20 years my junior, some of which were very good athletes. I was playing so well, they jokingly accused me of using performance enhancing drugs. I told them it wasn't doping, it was Pilates.

Pilates has now become a very enjoyable part of my life. I look forward to the one hour sessions twice a week that always make me feel better about how I'm taking care of myself. While it doesn't prevent aging, I think of it as a positive way to improve the quality of life as we age." Bill P., 69, Thousand Oaks

"I came into JOE & CLARA to find out if Pilates could help me regain some of the strength and flexibility I had lost over the years. I view it as an investment that I am making in myself and my health. I come in for two private sessions a week and the instructor provides me with accountability to ensure that I am performing the exercises with correct alignment. I've become stronger and more flexible and never get bored as I keep learning more challenging exercises. I'm still playing golf and enjoying the benefits both in and outside of the studio. That's why I am a strong advocate of JOE & CLARA, Pilates Inspired Health Club. Thanks Stacey, Romina, Gaby and Diane for the great pilates experience. " Marshall M., 79, Westlake Village

"I had taken an introductory mat class and had a couple of privates in a studio in Santa Monica years ago. I felt that at that time, continuing was something I could not afford, so I purchased a DVD and did some mat Pilates at home.

Since joining JOE & CLARA in 2012, I have taken classes almost every morning before I start my day. My work as a psychotherapist demands a lot of sitting and I was looking for something that would help me tone and nurture my body. In the two years since I began practicing Pilates, I have developed better balance and more flexibility; I have learned proper posture and the critical integration of mind and body.

As a therapist, I help those who suffer from emotional pain manage, tolerate, and integrate the whole of their experience-nothing is left out and every aspect of their experience matters and has significance-nothing should ever be dismissed or disregarded.

The same principal applies to Pilates, you have to use your breath, your mind and your body; you have to focus on your core while keeping a neutral spine; every aspect has significance and every movement connects to the whole of your practice.

Since becoming a member of JOE & CLARA, I have been the recipient of impeccable instruction, creative classes and really cool gifts, all in the company of an elegant, energetic and vital staff. Romina, Diane, Stacey, Tania, Gabby and Yoni provide such care and I leave the club feeling nurtured and energized. I simply love J&C and everything they stand for. I feel privileged to be their student." Laurie B., 56, Westlake Village

"I started Pilates in 2012 to specifically improve my postural alignment and more generally the overall quality of my life. It was also a way to spend more time with my wife. But Pilates has enriched my life in many ways physically, mentally and most importantly it has changed my whole attitude about exercise. It has helped to improve my posture and I have attained optimum health and strength. However, it has also helped me get rid of that unwanted fat around my waist and middle area by teaching  me proper breathing and strengthening my core. The mind-body connection has increased my physical awareness. I have more energy and can feel the difference in the flexibility of my joint and spine.

The studio is warm and friendly and even though I attend group classes, I receive individual attention when needed from the instructor. It allows me to be present in an environment of peace and serenity. Overall Pilates has transformed my life; it has given me a greater sense of respect for my body, self-confidence and the individual responsibility for good health practices. " Ramon E., 51, Simi Valley

"I joined a gym after moving to Agoura Hills in 2001. Immediately, I hired a private instructor only to  discover I had no core strength and began suffering from chronic back pain. A friend suggested Pilates and I have never looked back!

In 2005, after my sons graduated high school, I went back to work full-time. I loved my job as an office manager for a private school in the area.  Unfortunately, I never found a studio to accommodate my schedule, an easy excuse, I know, for anyone who works all day! However, after having sat in an office behind a computer for the past nine years, I realized I needed to take back control of my life and begin looking after the only body I will ever have.

With my husband's blessing, I gave notice, found JOE & CLARA, and upped my membership status to full-time. I started a rigorous weight loss program, and have not looked back! JOE & CLARA is not like an ordinary gym. It is intimate, phenomenally clean and the instructors, as well as members, have become my new community feeling almost like family. I love getting up every day and realize what a gift I have been given and how fortunate I am to be in the position of being in my mid 50's and getting my "old" body and soul back again." Andrea J., 55, Agoura Hills

"I'm surprised by my passion for Pilates. Since I joined JOE & CLARA, my whole family has accommodated my Pilates class schedule. Eager to send the kids to school and my husband off to work so that I can enjoy myself with Pilates, I made all of us wake up earlier every morning to meet my daily routine.

For the past twenty years, I was a dedicated mother to my kids and a supporting wife to my husband. I had my three girls in five years, and I was with them 24 hours every day since they were born. The day my youngest daughter went to kindergarten, I felt I was ME again, like I was ten years younger. For the next few years, I thought, "Who needs exercise with all this driving, cooking and school events?"

I found JOE & CLARA through the 2014 Taste of Conejo event. The more I learned about Pilates, the more I was intrigued by the original founders and the exercises Joe Pilates had developed. I started with learning the correct way to breathe and getting to know my core muscles. My aging body began to wake up with my every breath and my every movement. I began to reshape my neglected body and get acquainted with muscles I did not even know existed. Every movement starts with calming my mind, purposefully breathing in and out correctly, controlling my core and believing in myself. It is such an exciting feeling to know that I am strengthening not only my body but also my mind by doing Pilates. " Ming H., 52, Thousand Oaks

"Beginning a new regimen of exercise is never easy. For me to find the right fit involved a query - What do they do? What are Pilates? Will I be able to keep up? Fortunately, JOE & CLARA Pilates has been the best gift I could every give to myself. Not only has Pilates helped me to solve a balance problem but it has also helped me by-pass a dislike of stairs. Through focused core exercise, I believe I have turned the corner. What JC offers the beginner is a much-needed, sequential program in Pilates exercise. The fundamental classes are instrumental to understanding the basics - how the equipment works, simple re-positioning and focused breathing. They also teach concepts associated with the practice. I am so thankful to the staff for answering all my questions, being patient and being kind when kindness was past its expiration date. Thank you all - Diane, Gaby, Romina and Stacey - for this wonderful place - JOE & CLARA Pilates." Barbara G., Camarillo

"I love the facility. It's clean, pretty and the equipment is in great shape. The schedule is fine and varied. I appreciate the great instructors and getting feedback on my form, etc. to make the most out of each class. I so appreciate the opportunity you have provided to me and my husband via your connection to the Cancer Supppot Community. I really have enjoyed the Tower and Mat Mixed Level classes." Suzana H., Thousand Oaks

"I've taken many Pilates type classes, but the classes at JOE & CLARA were very different. Not only was it a great full body workout but I really learned about the true practice of Pilates. I took class with the owner, Stacey Philipsen, who's very knowledgeable and passionate about Pilates. Her energy is very contagious! She would come over and correct my body position and give me simple visuals as to what I should be feeling and why. The studio is welcoming, spacious with state of the art equipment. I totally understand now when people say Pilates can change the shape of your body. You work muscles that you didn't know you had and you leave feeling a little taller. I would highly recommend taking class here. It will be great for your overall health and well being and most importantly it will truly help you get that smokin' hot body!!!! I look forward to the next visit." Reiko S., Los Angeles

"I have been doing personal training with Romina. I started with JOE & CLARA through my daughter Kim; she found the club and encouraged me to try an orientation. I realized the benefit JOE & CLARA could offer me, a female in my mid-50's who is best described as "stiff". I feared getting less flexible over the years. I decided to do personal training because I know I needed to better "connect" with my body. Romina has shown great knowledge and patience as she works with me on alignment. Even after a long day, I feel revived at the end of the sessions. The ladies have a special ability to help me visualize the concepts in their instruction. I have come to appreciate the importance of body alignment and stretching and I have seen the amazing transformation. I am so glad that I found JOE & CLARA, it's better than a massage!" Lydia F., Westlake Village

Danielle Kang, LPGA Golf Professional

"Thank you JOE & CLARA Pilates! My health has improved from training with you guys! And of course the breathing!"
Danielle Kang, LPGA Tour Player
Two-time U.S. Women's Amateur Champion

"JOE & CLARA Pilates has been such a positive experience. I can finally silence my mind by focusing on Pilates. Thank you team for all your kindness and support. You all focus on progress rather than perfection while pushing me to my limit. Love you ladies with all my heart." Kim F., Westlake Village

"At first I was skeptical about taking the 'Tame and Tone Lower Body' class because of the use of the trampoline. I am a female in my late seventies and have a problem with bladder stress incontinence but decided to try taking the class anyway. Even though I emptied my bladder just before class, as soon as I started jumping on the trampoline, I felt the urge to go again. But I found that if I just ignored the urge and continued the class, the urge disappeared and I was able to finish the class with no problem at all. In fact, I was so surprised that even at the end of the class I did not have the strong urge to go. WOW! In addition, I really enjoyed the class; it's a great cardio workout. In fact, I highly recommend all the classes offered. All the instructors are understanding and patient and work with the personal limitations of each student." Doris C., Thousand Oaks

"I enjoy the classes very much and all 3 instructors I’ve had are very good. The equipment is like new. I would recommend your program to my friends." Don H., Thousand Oaks

"I feel so fortunate to have found JOE & CLARA. Since I started taking classes, I have increased energy and the ability to deal with the stress in my life. The spa atmosphere of the club helps me leave my cares at the door. Thank you to Romina, Stacey, and Diane for your wonderful instruction and to Gaby for your welcoming smile each day!" Sherri R., Westlake Village

"JOE & CLARA became my second home this summer - I schedule every day around taking a class or two. Why? Because at JOE & CLARA I have found a place where my body is accepted for what it is now, and what it can become. This is partly due to is uniquely designed semi-private structure, partly due to client camaraderie that's encouraged and largely due to the fantastic instructors themselves. I haven't taken classes with everyone yet, but I can say that Romina inspired confidence through her massive wealth of knowledge and experience. Diane is so kind and encouraging - with great visualizations that help me grasp concepts. And then there's Stacey, who gets my weird sense of humor (either that or she very graciously endures it!) Along with her great instruction, she puts me at ease and I look forward to the exercising 'camaraderie' in her classes. Plus she understands the needs of the (ahem) 'chestly-blessed' woman. In all seriousness though, I highly recommend JOE & CLARA as a place where you can explore and work through and beyond the challenges of your own body - with a ton of fantastic support." Amanda M., Thousand Oaks

"I just wanted to share some thoughts with you about your amazing Pilates Studio. As an ex pro football player (read between the lines...old has-been with many injuries), I find all of your staff exceptionally well trained and completely knowledgeable about the body and exactly how it works. They have an incredible ability to get you to tune into what you are feeling and exercising in a way that maximizes their instruction to your constant benefit. If that were not enough... and it is...They are some of the warmest caring instructors who take the time to key into your needs and limitations and customize routines to fit exactly where you are at physically while simultaneously being extraordinarily wonderful and caring people. What a great team you have built. Congrats." Chris K., Calabasas

"I highly recommend JOE & CLARA. The instructors are extremely dedicated and really help the students improve. The entire studio is beautiful, super clean and there are tons of classes to choose from. Whether you are just starting Pilates for the first time or are a seasoned participant, this studio has so much to offer. The equipment is brand new and state-of-the-art. There are a lot of Pilates studios in the area, but JOE & CLARA is everything I was looking for! They offer a free introductory class - once you try it you will be hooked!" Laurie P., Newbury Park

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank the lovely and obviously talented ladies over at JOE & CLARA in Westlake Village. I have just come off of a very bad year of surgery with the unspoken words from my doctor that I may never feel the back of my left leg or my foot again. Unbeknownst to the instructors, I took all the classes the studio has to offer, many of them manipulating and stretching the spine. I now have a tremendous amount of feeling up the back of my leg and down through my foot due to all the spine exercises I do in class. It must have awakened a nerve ending or something in my back causing me to have these feelings. I am hoping by working with JOE & CLARA that my leg may be as good as new, maybe even better! " Leslie C., Westlake Village

"At JOE & CLARA I experienced a highly skilled practical approach to Pilates and what this might encompass. All exercises and explanations were well founded in how we as humans act biomechanically, physiologically and surprisingly enough behaviourly. Add to this a relaxed and professional atmosphere and you will undoubtedly see and feel positive results to YOUR body" Thomas Bro-Rasmussen, M.Sc. Human Physiologist

"Romina has been my Pilates instructor for 4 years. I have taken private lessons and group classes with Romina. I am a physical therapist by profession and appreciate Romina's ability to assess each persons individual needs. She has an excellent understanding of anatomy, movement and body alignment. Romina is highly skilled and has an amazing ability to analyze what is out of alignment and to provide the proper pilates exercise to correct the problem. She instructs at the appropriate level in the beginning and advances each person at their own rate. During group classes she provides verbal instruction that is clear and at the correct pace. Romina loves her profession and clearly cares about each person she is training. I highly recommend her as a Pilates instructor." Karen N., Physical Therapist, Agoura Hills

"I've been taking Pilates lessons with Stacey for just over two years. I am a hairstylist, who spends long days standing on her feet. Before Pilates I was constantly sore and tired. Stacey was very patient with my lack of coordination and difficulty in learning some of the new exercises. After only a few months my flexibility had started to improve, I strengthened my core and regained my posture. I've learned how to translate what I've learned about proper movement into my daily life which is extremely important in my line of work and benefits the other physical activities and sports that i enjoy. Everything just feels better. " Natalie G., Newbury Park

"Diane, you're amazing! You have no idea how much you helped me! I haven't had a lesson since yours, because I felt so much better after the time I spent with you! How awesome is that! I couldn't tell [my husband] enough good things about how much you helped me! I'm happy to tell anyone how wonderful you are." Carol S., Manhattan Beach

"Pilates has really helped me to properly ground through my feet and correct the alignment of my knocked knees so I can create a solid foundation from which to move. I am hitting more accurately and with more power and ease than ever before." Kevin B., Thousand Oaks

"I am so impressed with the friendly team and attentive teachings of staff at JOE & CLARA. I have been to many different studios in Agoura Hills/Malibu over my years doing Pilates, most recently around a hip replacement, and this place finally feels like my 'Pilates' home. Classical Pilates taught just like Joe and Clara intended." Johanna S., Malibu

"JOE & CLARA is an exceptional facility in every way possible. The instructors are highly skilled, motivational and yet very patient. The facility itself is attractive and very clean. They offer an ever changing, wide variety of classes, which keeps things interesting. JOE & CLARA has motivated a 58 year old, obese woman to get in touch with her body and actually enjoy the process of sculpting a new body." Christel E., Newbury Park

"Thank you so much for these two days. It was exhausting in a wonderful kind of sick way. So much to take in and so much to practice. I can only imagine how hard you must have worked to get to where you are today. I cannot wait for the next workshop. You give so much of yourself, and I hope you know how grateful and happy that makes me feel. I feel so special and so privileged to learn from you in this fashion and to be able to work out at JOE & CLARA with such great instructors." Yvonne M., Newbury Park

"I first experienced Pilates after having a baby in my late thirties. I enjoyed it then but family schedules made it difficult for me to stay committed. Ten years quickly passed before a good friend encouraged me to share a Conejo Deal for JOE & CLARA. What a great decision that was for me. Those six sessions turned into a one year membership and then another. Coincidentally, I greeted my 50th birthday during that time and was feeling the most fit I had felt in decades. Although I may not always use it wisely, I value time and Pilates offers me the most overall wellbeing and fitness for every minute I put into it.

I prefer group classes to privates because the class sizes are small and I am able to focus my energy into my own core while at the same time enjoy the rhythm, flow and team spirit of the entire group. This is especially powerful when there are participants with varying ability and fitness levels in the class. From this point on, some form of Pilates will be a part of my daily routine. In fact, I recently decided to take it a step further and commit to the JOE & CLARA Teacher Training program. I'm not exactly sure where this journey will take me, but I have no doubt that every sore muscle and challenging cue that eventually turns into an "aha moment" of physical awareness will be worthwhile.

"I'm ADDICTED to JOE & CLARA! When I joined with a friend I committed to 6 months...just in case. After 4 months I couldn't imagine my life without my JOE & CLARA "family". The classes are creative and fulfilling and the instructors are all friendly and motivating. I'm even seeing and feeling results in looser pants and a stronger core. I was worried after a two-week break I would have lost strength but I actually came back stronger than ever because of how I'd already worked on and established a base core. JOE & CLARA are a very important part of my fitness life. Thank you!" Chris F., 51, Newbury Park

"The Pink Pilates program was such a wonderful and unique experience. I learned so much about the philosophy and principals as well as having the opportunity to explore the equipment and exercises at a 'training wheels' pace in a very supportive environment. When I joined the regular curriculum I was nervous at first, but the wonderful staff was right there every inch of the way to help me adjust. Plus all that I had learned in Pink Pilates, it has been a positive transition." Joanne S., Thousand Oaks

"JOE & CLARA is the best! it doesn't matter what age, size, or gender you are, you will feel completely comfortable and welcome the minute you walk in the door. Every class is an amazing experience! The instructors are top notch - all classically trained, and the best at what they do. JOE & CLARA offers a large schedule of classes; it's impossible not to find something to fit your life. I highly recommend JOE & CLARA!!" Angela H., Malibu

"Thanks for such a great workshop. The time flew by. Romina was both well prepared and informative. I love Pilates!!!!" Denise A., Oak Park

"I have tried Pilates at a couple other studios (out of CA) and while I am hardly an expert, I know when I am being taught in a safe and efficient manner.

I must admit that, at first, I was a bit hesitant to join a studio in WLV. I'm a pretty basic gal (no make-up or frills when I work out) and I want to feel comfortable maintaining that stance~ which I whole heartedly do (yes, I do shower before I show up, so don't worry! Lol). The clients seem to range from 20's to 70's of all types, with the majority being women. However if you are of the male species, fret not, there are a few here. ;)

The instructors are great. Each has their own style of coaching/teaching while adhering to the true classical Pilates form. Keep in mind, types or models of pilates do vary and I found the classical approach to be the most effective and the least obtrusive on my lower back and neck. The sessions are well thought out, effective, and fun. I think one of the most important points to consider is safety, and rest assured that they all have your safety in mind. With only 6 reformers in the studio, they are watching your every move and letting you know if you are doing anything incorrectly.

The equipment is top notch (Peak Pilates) and maintained perfectly. The studios (yes, there are actually 3 in the same bldg) and the bathrooms are meticulously maintained.

The prices are excellent. They offer a few different "unlimited" packages that start in the $125-150 range. The online scheduler is so convenient and I can book my classes a month out. They offer a great range of classes, at varying levels daily, which means you really have no excuse for going less than 3-4 times a week. The cancellation policy (12 hrs or you pay a fine of $5 roughly) is completely reasonable too.

To top it off, when you are done training, there is a little fresh water & snackie bar that generally offers items like nuts, watermelon, fresh oranges, or carrots. I'm really glad I gave them a try. I started out on their "try a month" for $125 and signed right up afterwards.

This is truly a fabulous place. The trainers/owners are professional and at the same time exude warmth and humor. Give it a try, you will be happy you did."
Karen G., Thousand Oaks

"I enjoyed working with Romina. She is a super trainer and it was heavenly to again be immersed in the classic style. The studio is fab. I've already applied what I learned in just one lesson." Judith A.

"Romina has coached me into better shape than I've been in years. My friends and family have noticed how much better I look and feel since doing Pilates. As long as I go to JOE & CLARA I know I'll have the Pilates glow." Terri B., Thousand Oaks

"If you're tired of being yet another anonymous person at an overcrowded, corporate gym please do yourself a favor and check out JOE & CLARA! I have been a member for 14 months and couldn't be happier there. Not only have I learned so much about the theory behind Pilates more importantly I have seen results! The instructors are more like family who truly care about their clients and their progress. They have taken the time to listen to me regarding my physical issues and work with me to help me in my progress. I am excited every time it's Pilates time! By the way...a fabulous byproduct of this fantastic place are the relationships I have developed with the fellow JOE & CLARA clients! Really! Just go!" Michele L., Camarillo

"I started working with Romina when I was about eight week's post-partum with my second child. Two years prior I had been diagnosed with bursitis in my right hip. Just after the first few lessons I noticed a better awareness and improvement in my posture, which is really important for me since I hold a desk job and am on the computer eight hours a day. After 9 lessons I noticed a great improvement in my stamina while doing abdominal workouts. Pilates is truly a unique form of exercise that requires complete focus and awareness of your body.  Romina is excellent at explaining how to isolate specific areas to do Pilates effectively and successfully." Emily V., Oak Park

"Since I started Pilates, I've noticed that there's a carryover to my golf game. I'm doing a better job of anchoring my lower body to the ground when I get ready to swing. I feel like I have a much more solid framework with which to hit the ball with my legs over my hips and my upper body attached and anchored to by my lower body. I'm able to hit the ball a little farther and with more accuracy. Pilates has definitely made a difference in my game." Tim C., Thousand Oaks

"What a fantastic studio. The classes are very professionally run and focus on technique, while being fun at the same time. The atmosphere feels like a spa, and is very relaxing and feels so welcoming. I would say this studio promotes health and wellness instead of hard core calorie burning. If you are looking for a nurturing and professional studio, JOE & CLARA will provide you with a wonderful home. Thank you so much!" Elizabeth C., Agoura Hills

"JOE & CLARA has provided the perfect setting for me to feel comfortable starting an exercise regimen after being inactive for so long. Once an avid dancer, I woke up recently to the realization that I have not taken a class in 17 years.  I've always known that if I found an exercise discipline that would work my body in a similar fashion as dancing, I would likely stick to it.

The Instructors at JOE & CLARA have been very patient in introducing not only the movement but also some of the philosophy behind Pilates. The facilities are state-of-the-art, very welcoming and the staff dedicates enough personal time to each person attending the group classes for you to make the best out of your workout. There is even a certain sense of belonging or ownership in maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout the Club and making sure each piece of equipment is wiped down after use. Never really thought about this at other gyms but now it just seems obvious and more importantly something to be appreciated." Lisa M., Agoura Hills

"Pilates has strengthened my core which has helped me with my tennis game. Along with the increased flexibility in my hamstrings I no longer have the lower back pain I used to experience on long car drives." Michael D., Westlake Village

"I have taken 5 classes with Romina - Reformer FUNdamentals, Tower FUNdamentals, Pilatesstick, Arc and Props and they have all been really informative and fun. Everyone that works there is super nice. The studio is beautiful, spacious and airy and they even provide snacks (fresh & dried fruit & granola bars) in case you get the munchies after your hard workout. There are a wide range of classes for all levels and they even have a men's bootcamp class for guys that don't want to work out with a bunch of girls. I can't wait to try the Bosu and the trampoline classes." Mimi D., Thousand Oaks